MySon - 2'58

What do we want to pass on to future generations?
A mother encourages her unborn child to look at our complex world with a different light. MySon is a short film, shot in Vanuatu Islands, with a strong message of tolerance, humanity and kindness.

Nespresso - 0'37

Nespresso introduces its new product, the Aeroccino 3 that creates milk froth. Director's cut.

Live Experiences - 1'14

The Beyeler Museum Fondation has asked us to make a film showing experiences that are lived while visiting this amazing place. Director's cut.

Make it happen - P2P Values - 1'08

Pasture to Plate in an organic ranch but also a shop, a restaurant and a foundation located in British Columbia (Canada). This film from Ineoprod is an invitation for travelling and self-achievement : let's see how we can all make it happen.

Demo Commercials - 1'00

Demo of ineoprod's Commercial and Brand Content projects in just one minute!

Let's do it together - P2P Customers - 1'36

Pasture to Plate is an organic ranch located in British Columbia, Canada. Let's share the day to day life of their customers to see how "Pasture to plate" members are doing their best to support them in their daily lives.

Demo Corporate - 1'11

Demo of ineoprod's Corporate projects in just one minute!

Life is beautiful - Portrait of Felix : The Cowboy - 2'48

He left Europe 35 years ago to go to Canada to build his own ranch. This is the portrait of a real cowboy living his dream in British Columbia.

Sebastien - 3'06

Sebastien is a traveler and landscape photographer who tells us his life story. Portrait.

Connection - Portrait of Lisa - 3'09

Lisa completely changed her life : she chose to leave Europe for a year to settle in a ranch in Canada. This is her portrait.

Euromaster 2016 - 4'13

Euromaster has asked us to make a film to show to its european employees the importance of customer care and the consequences on their business.

Care for Nature - Portrait of Hannes - 2'44

Drawing his own path, Hannes, a young man, left Germany to go to Canada to work as a Woofer in a ranch. There, he learnt how to take care of the land in the best organic and respectful way. He also met wonderful people. Here is his story.

The Cabinet Maker - Portrait of Jerome - 2'15

Jerome, a young cabinet maker and antique furniture restorer, invites us into his workshop to share his tricks of the trade.

Vinci - Excellence is in the details - 1'40

Promotional clip on the renovation of the famous palace Plaza Athénée in Paris. This film introduces the new baseline « Excellence is in the details ».

IFCIA - 2'25

Promotional clip for IFCIA’s implant surgery training program held in Paris

Euromaster 2014 - 0'50

Euromaster (subsidiary of Michelin) wished to honour its employees and present its new signature "you're in good hands". Director's cut.




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